The Significant Role of a Language Pathologist  

Communication, perhaps one of the most important skill a person could have. You can either make or break a situation just by being able to communicate. When you look at it closely, you will realize that it is also the reason that a speech-language pathologist is very important. There are many reasons why a speech language pathologist is needed.   

Language Pathologist

One of these reasons could be because there is an impediment in language or an impairment in hearing. Speech and language pathologist do not only assist individual who has speech and language impediment through treatment and evaluation but also help individuals to communicate to others other than the through speech.  

They have a wide range of responsibility that would help others understand themselves better and express themselves through what they are able to. Speech pathologists would also evaluate and address problems in swallowing, hearing problems and even cognition.  

They of course, would most likely work with other professionals to provide a more holistic approach in helping the student cope up with their weakness. Instead of making it a weakness the speech- language pathologists helps, in making sure that they are able to work with something that will help the individual with the problem.  

This is a some of the reasons why it is a crucial job for individuals who needed the speech pathologists help.  


A speech language pathologist would help a child or individual to find a way to communicate this is more obvious with non- verbal individuals. Not all communication is through speech there are other ways to communicate and speech pathologists would help this individuals to work through this alternative way of communication.  


Speech-language pathology does not only focus on the speech itself. As mentioned in the first point speech is not the only way to communicate. In this point, there is a focus given to language. Grammar, comprehension, usage and categorization are all under language. It is still as important as speech. And this professionals will help in that way.  


Communication through verbal or non-verbal allows an individual to present themselves to others. This will either make others talk with them or make others stay away from them. However, for someone who understands the importance of being at least socially good with communication, then that is more than enough help. Individuals who doesn’t have the means to communicate at all will find that it is too big of an impairment in the long run.  


Humans communicate with a whole lot of communication cues. This means that it isn’t all what is said but also what is presented through the face, through gestures and others. When you work with a speech-language pathologist overtime you will notice an improvement with the way you communicate through verbal or non-verbal.  

As a person, it is important that you understand the importance of communication and the crucial role the speech-language pathologist play in helping transform lives among other professionals who works in an interdisciplinary team.   

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